Company Vehicles And Their Impact On Company Image

What is it about cars that makes everyone want to drive the nicest and most expensive models that they can lay their hands on? Perhaps it is because people are aware that the car they drive will influence the opinion that the people they meet will come to about them. This is particularly true for sales persons and executives who have face to face interactions with perspective clientelle, they need to ensure that image they convey is the image that is going to land them the job.

Ok, we know that the image that a car portrays is important, but there are also other factors that should really be considered before deciding on a make and model for your new vehicle. Safety could be a big issue if you plan to use the car for personal use on the evenings and weekend, and the standards can vary greatly from one car to the next. Also you should probably look at fuel economy if you have to pay for any petrol or diesel that you use outside business hours. Size is also a factor, if you have three kids and a dog, then the chances are that a two seater sports car is going to cause a few problems.

Leasing vehicles by way of contract hire is an increasingly popular method of sourcing fleet vehicles, this is probably due to the fact that most businesses prefer the certainty that a fixed monthly bill per car brings, because the leased cars are always brand new, and are changed every few years, they are constantly covered by a manufacturers warranty, meaning the company is not exposed to any additional motoring costs like expensive garage repair bills.

Don’t think for a minute that leasing your car will mean that limitations are imposed regarding what say you have in the cars specification, in fact the opposite is generally true. Most dealerships can only offer one make of car, whereby a leasing firm can provide any make, also most leasing companies will allow you to specify the precise specifications of the vehicle they will source for you. You get to decide everything from engine size and fuel type, right down to what colour stitching you want on your leather seats in some cases.

Nowadays it is not only businesses that are taking advantage of car leasing, many private drivers are also now choosing to avoid the financial loss caused by vehicle depreciation and lease instead. Some are draw to leasing by the knowledge that they will always have a new and dependable car, while others just like the thought of being able to drive something that would otherwise be beyond their reach for a fixed low monthly fee.

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